Monday, November 6, 2017

Youth Livestock Extravaganza

Mark you calendars!  We will be hosting a youth livestock workshop on Saturday, January 20, 2018, at the Leon County Expo Center.  This free workshop will focus on selection, housing, feeding, health maintenance, record keeping, showmanship, and so much more.  Click here to download a registration form.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Teen Leadership Retreat

The Texas 4-H Teen Leadership Retreat will be held at the Texas 4-H Conference Center in Brownwood from January 5-7, 2018.  This event is open to 4-H members in grades 8-12 and will focus on a wide variety of leadership topics.  For more information on the Retreat or how to register, please click here.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Texas 4-H Scholarship Application Released!

Texas 4-H has released its scholarship information.  Click here to get all the details on the Texas 4-H Scholarship site.  While this is a big application, it offers you access to 200+ scholarships ranging in value from $3,000 to $20,000.  The investment in your future is worth the work!! 

The final deadline to submit your Texas 4-H Scholarship application packet to our office is Fri., Jan. 26th, but you can certainly get us drafts for review before then.

Texas 4-H also offers a Collegiate Scholarship.  Find out more by clicking here.

After the first of the year, we'll share info about many other scholarships.  You'll be able to find out more by clicking here.  Don't wait until the last minute to start the application process.  Get started today!  There is a lot of money to be awarded to deserving students.  The only way you can be considered for any of it is to apply for it.

Monday, October 23, 2017

4-H Scholarship Workshop

Camps at 4-H Center

The Texas 4-H Conference Center is located on Lake Brownwood, and offers not only summer camps, but educational activities throughout the year.  Here are some upcoming opportunities:
Junior Leadership Retreat - Nov. 10-12; for kids in grades 3-8; register online by Oct. 27th; topics include: Outdoor Cooking, Community Service, Robotics, Duds to Dazzle and Wildlife Education
Teen Retreat - Jan. 5-7; for kids in grades 8-11, register online by Dec. 22nd;  topics include Survival Guide to Turning 18, Leadership in Community Service, Team Building and much more
Re-Fashion Retreat - Feb. 9-11; open to all 4-H members; register online by Jan. 26th; hands-on workshops and a trip to a local thrift store to purchase items that you will re-fashion
Youth Hunter Education Camp - Jan. 19-21; open to 4-H members age 9-15; register online by Jan. 5th; hands-on hunter safety and certification

Click here to find out more about these and other camps at the 4-H Center.  You can also register at their site.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

4-H Polo Shirt!!

Mrs. Barrett is kind enough to coordinate the order of Leon Co. 4-H polo shirts that 4-H members and volunteers can wear during various contests and activities.  We'll soon be compiling another order for be looking for details soon. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Leon Co. 4-H Food Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 4-H Fall FCS Project Leader Training at the end of August!!  We appreciate everyone's interest and support of our big fall project, food & nutrition!

Our Leon Co. 4-H Food Contest is set for Sun., Nov. 12th, at the Marquez Baptist Church.  We plan to begin about 2 pm, and hope to be done by 6:30 pm.  We will run all Food Challenge teams at one time rather than having 2 heats.  The deadline for all entries (forms and fees) is Fri., Nov. 3rd.  See the following for all the details.

For Leon Co. 4-H Food & Nutrition Project info, click here (includes info about Co. 4-H Food Contest).
For the Leon Co. 4-H Contest entry form, click here.
For the District 8 4-H Food Show info, forms and score sheets, click here.
For the District 8 4-H Food Challenge info, worksheets and score cards, click here.

Friday, September 29, 2017

4-H Sweatshirt Hoodies

We have just a few Leon Co. 4-H sweatshirt hoodies available for $20.  First come, first serve.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Livestock Judging Practices

Here is the schedule for Leon County 4-H Livestock Judging Practice.  All practices will be held at the Leon County Extension Office, starting at 6:30 p.m.
October 17
October 31
November 7
November 21 (tentative)
December 5
December 19 (tentative)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Clover Kids

We've had some questions about the Clover Kids program that 4-H offers.  Here's some info that might help...

To be eligible to enroll in 4-H, a youth must be at least in 3rd grade (and 8 years old).  4-H does offer a program opportunity called Clover Kids for kids in grades K-2nd.  Clover Kids can learn about 4-H, develop skills and enjoy some fun learning experiences.  Rather than Clover Kids just enrolling and attending club meetings, the Clover Kids program is intended to be an organized experience with age-appropriate activities facilitated by enrolled adult volunteers.  A Clover Kids group can be formed within an existing 4-H club or as a separate group.  I’ve seen them done both ways with success.  Often times Clover Kids are younger siblings of 4-H members, so the club format works best in this situation.  There is also no fee for Clover Kids to enroll whereas 4-H members pay a $25 ($20 until Oct. 31st) fee when they enroll in 4-H on 4-H Connect.  Clover Kids can participate in club activities (when part of a 4-H club).  Clover Kids can be gathered in a separate area during a portion of the 4-H club meeting in order to do an activity that is more age appropriate for them.  We have many ideas and resources that can be utilized with Clover Kids.  Clover Kids can also participate in our county 4-H contests such as 4-H Food Challenge, Food Show, Fashion Show, Photography, etc.  They are simply recognized for their participation, they do not compete.  I have also attached the page out of the current Texas 4-H Rules and Guidelines that outlines Clover Kids.  This will provide more info about projects and activities for Clover Kids.

As of right now, we do not have any Clover Kids groups, but groups can certainly be formed within a club or outside a club.  There would need to be 1-2 adult volunteers (enrolled on 4-H Connect) who provide leadership for a Clover Kids group.  If you are interested in organizing a Clover Kids group, please contact the Extension office.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Leon County Livestock Show Rules

Rules and schedules for the 2018 Leon County Livestock Show have been released.  If you did not pick up a copy of the rules at your 4-H club meeting or if you have misplaced your rulebook, you can download a copy of the rules and entry forms by clicking here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Leon Co. 4-H Handbook/Calendar

Click here to view/download the 2017-18 Leon Co. 4-H Handbook & Calendar.  A hard copy will be provided for each 4-H family during your upcoming 4-H club meetings.  Use your handbook/calendar to provide you some great info.  Dates in the calendar are subject to change, so be sure to visit the 4-H website and attend your club meetings to be kept up to date.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Enroll in 4-H for the 2017-18 Year

It's time to enroll for the 2017-18 4-H year!!  4-H Connect is our online 4-H enrollment and event registration system.  On the log in screen, you can click on the "Download 4-H Family Help Sheet" as a guide to enrolling.  Please complete your enrollment (both 4-H members and adult volunteers), and let us know if you have any questions.

If you were enrolled for the 2016-17 4-H year, your enrollment status is now “inactive.”  ALL youth and volunteers who want to re-enroll for 2017-18 will need to log into their family profile and re-enroll.   

If you are new to 4-H, you can also enroll by creating a family and individual profiles on 4-H Connect.  All 4-H members (not volunteers or Clover Kids) are assessed the $25 Texas 4-H Participation Fee, which you will pay by credit card on 4-H Connect.  

We encourage all parents and other adults who are involved in our 4-H clubs to enroll on 4-H Connect.  All 4-H adult volunteers are assessed a $10 volunteer fee, but this will be covered by the “Leon Co. 4-H Volunteer Scholarship” (you’ll see the discount listed in the payment section).  Also, as you enroll, there are 2 volunteer trainings you must complete.  These must be completed every 2 years, and don't take long, but are an important part of serving as a volunteer.

Not sure what 4-H is all about?  Click here to view a "What is 4-H" overview.

Texas 4-H Explore Guides

Texas 4-H has launched several of their "Explore" books which were developed to support volunteers, County Extension Agents, and even 4-H members, in leading project experiences for youth. There are 6 lessons in each book that follow the “do, reflect, apply” model of learning, providing guidance for hands-on exploration and learning about a specific topic.  As of 8/17, 15 guides are available.  Click here to view (and download) the books.  They are listed under the "4H Explore Guides" heading.

Monday, August 7, 2017

County 4-H Awards Banquet

Congratulations to all of our 4-H award winners!  Our 4-H Banquet (July 31st) was a great way to wrap up the 2016-17 4-H year.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success!  Click here to see the awards slide show.

A few awards to mention:
Rookie Award - Quannah Dudley, Centerville 4-H
Bronze Star - Travis Barrett, Normangee 4-H
Silver Star - Caraline Dudley, Centerville 4-H 
Gold Star - Nathan Barrett, Normangee 4-H and Zoie Stevens, Oakwood 4-H
Courage to Change Award - Zoie Stevens, Oakwood 4-H
Leadership Award - Annika Stevens, Oakwood 4-H

Friend of 4-H:
Carter Services
Mr. Mitchell Pate
Mr. Gilbert Garcia

Congrats and thank you again!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

4-H Club Officer & Club Manager Workshop

Thanks to everyone who participated in this workshop!  I hope you feel better about, and are prepared for a great 2017-18 4-H year. Special thanks to our Co. 4-H Council members for helping to present some topics!  If you were not able to attend, and would like handouts, please contact us.  We'll also soon have some of these available online, so check back soon. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

4-H'ers Complete SURGE

Congrats to our Leon County 4-H members who participated in District 8 4-H SURGE (also known as Leadership Lab): Nathan Barrett, Megan Green, Callie Harter, Chelsea Harter, Jennifer Moran, Skylar Parrish, James Rodell, Zoie Stevens and Natalie Uptmor.  They were joined by 160 other 4-H members, Extension staff and adult volunteers from across District 8 which includes 21 counties.  Activities included educational workshops, service projects, challenge games, District 4-H Council officer elections, dances and ceremonials.  Participants strengthened their leadership skills so they can provide programs and facilitate activities for other audiences.  James Rodell completed his term as a District 4-H Council officer, and Nathan Barrett was elected to serve for the 2017-18 year.  Special thanks to Centerville ISD and Mr. Jimmy Richardson for providing transportation.

Congrats Chelsea & Nathan!!

Congratulations to Chelsea Harter for being selected as a Texas 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Ambassador!!  In this role, Chelsea will provide educational programs focused on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  We wish her the best in this endeavor!  She'd do a great job in presenting a program during 4-H club meeting.

Congrats also to Nathan Barrett for being selected as a Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador!!  Nathan will develop and practice advanced leadership skills related to mentoring other youth, and to become advocates for animal agriculture.  Best wishes!  Another great resource for your 4-H club meeting program.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Texas 4-H Roundup Report

Congratulations to all of our Texas 4-H Roundup participants:

  • Rifle Match - team of Colton Adams, Kassidy Bell, James Rodell and Justin Vann took 12th place
  • Ag Product ID (invitational) - Senior team of Justin McGuire, Skylar Parrish, Annika Stevens and Zoie Stevens received 10th place
  • Livestock Skill-a-thon (invitational) - Nathan Barrett participated as a Senior
  • Fashion Show - Natalie Uptmor placed 1st in Construction Theatre/Costume and  qualified for the national contest
  • Archery (invitational) - Madeleine Phillips was 9th in Intermediate Compound Aided and Adriana de la Garza took 7th in Intermediate Barebow
  • Food Challenge - team of Chelsea Harter, Zoie Stevens and Natalie Uptmor placed 10th in Fruit and Vegetable
  • Healthy Lifestyles (invitational) - Justin McGuire was part of a multi-county Intermediate team that placed 8th, and he was 6th high point individual
  • Livestock Judging (invitational) - Senior team of Nathan Barrett, McKinzie Hamilton, Zoie Stevens and Justin Vann earned 5th place and Annika Stevens also participated as an Intermediate
  • Photography - Megan Green brings home a blue ribbon with her Landscape picture
  • Texas 4-H Scholarships - Charlee Cockrell and Natalie Freeman each received $20,000 scholarships from Houston Stock Show and Candace McGuire was awarded a $10,000 Wallrath scholarship
  • James Rodell did a great job serving on Texas 4-H Council this year
Special thanks also to all of our parents who participated in Roundup!  Kuddos to Mrs. Jana Barrett, Normangee 4-H Club Manager.  She provides overall leadership to Texas 4-H Roundup, working tirelessly throughout the year to ensure it is a quality experience for everyone.  We are so proud of her!!

Click here to view all of the Roundup results (at the bottom of the page).  You can also learn about various contests and activities that you can look forward to participating in next year.  You can also click here to view photos from Texas 4-H Roundup (via flickr). 

Friday, April 28, 2017

TX 4-H Archery Results

Congratulations to our 4-H’ers who participated in the Texas 4-H Archery Match!  Special thanks to all the coaches and parents!!  Placing in the top 10 of their class were:
  • Joshua Embry - 9th place Sr 2 Compound Aided
  • Trey Noack - 4th place 1st yr Jr Compound Aided
  • Jake Cadenhead - 5th place 1st yr Jr Compound Aided
  • Kaeli Walker - 1st place 1st yr Jr Compound Unaided
  • Brendon Bellah - 3rd place 1st yr Jr Compound Unaided
  • Memphis Fouse - 7th place 1st yr Jr Compound Unaided
  • Adriana de la Garza - 7th place 1st yr Int Barebow
Others who participated included:
  • Karson Bearden - Jr Compound Aided
  • Katherine Powers - Int Barebow
  • Madeleine Phillips - Int Compound Aided
  • JoBeth Eddings - Sr 1 Compound Aided
  • Aiden Robinson - 1st yr Jr Compound Aided
Complete results are available here.  Click on the "contests" tab and look for 2017 Indoor Archery Match Results.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Highlights from the Leon County Ag Fair

On October 19, the Leon County Extension Office hosted an Ag Day at the Leon County Expo Center.  This event was designed to educate 4th grade students of the importance of agriculture in Leon County and how agriculture impacts their lives.  Thank you to the Leon County 4-H members that assisted with this event.

You can view a highlight video from the Leon County Ag Day by clicking here.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Leon County Health Fair

A huge THANK YOU to all of the Leon County 4-H members who assisted with the Leon County Health Fair on October 4.  It was such a great educational event for the students that participated as well as the general public that attended.  You can view two videos that highlight the events of the day.

2016 Health Fair - an overall summary of the Leon County Health Fair
2016 Student Health Fair - a summary of the activities that the participating 6th grade students got to experience.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Memorial Contributions

Leon County 4-H gratefully acknowledges the receipt of memorial gifts.  If you would like to honor family or friends with a memorial to Leon County 4-H, contributions may be made payable to Leon County 4-H and mailed to the Extension Office at PO Box 188, Centerville, TX 75833.  Thank you!!