Friday, June 22, 2018

4th of July

Our County 4-H Advisory Board met last week and discussed having a 4-H float and booth at Centerville’s July 4th festivities. We are trying to figure out who all may be interested in being involved, so please click here to complete the survey.

Texas 4-H Roundup...

Congratulations to all of our Texas 4-H Roundup participants!!  Roundup was held June 12-14, in College Station.  Highlights include:

Texas 4-H Scholarships
- Leon County 4-H members brought home a total of $34,000 in scholarships
- Natalie Uptmor - $20,000 from the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
- James Rodell - $10,000 from Richard Wallrath Educational Foundation 
- Matthew Roach - $4,000 Texas 4-H Collegiate Scholarship

Contest Results include:
- In the Rifle Match, the team of Colton Adams, Kassidy Bell, James Rodell and Justin Vann took 11th place. 
- For the Invitational Ag Product ID Contest, Caleb Rappolee and Graci Kelley participated as Intermediate individuals, and the Senior team of Cole Rappolee, Annika Stevens and Zoie Stevens received 16th place.
- Natalie Uptmor placed 5th in the Buying Formal/Semi-formal category of the Fashion Show.
- In the Invitational Livestock Judging Contest, the Intermediate team of James Bodine, Cody Cox, Graci Kelley and Caleb Rappolee placed 16th, and the Senior team of Cole Rappolee, Gatlynn Johnson, Zoie Stevens and Annika Stevens earned 11th place.  Jake Henigan also participated as a Senior individual.
- Emily Banda, Hayley de la Garza and Megan Green all brought home red ribbons for their Photography Contest entries.
- Anthony Banda took 10th place in Share the Fun Vocal.
- Samantha Bowers placed 5th in Share the Fun Solo/Band.
- Nathan Barrett participated in the Public Speaking Contest

Normangee 4-H member John Landry was selected to sing the National Anthem during the Thursday evening assembly. 

We also want to say a huge THANK YOU to our coaches and other parents and supporters for helping our kids reach this level.

4-H Recordbooks

Congratulations to our 4-H'ers who submitted their 4-H Recordbooks!!  Click here to see complete results.

A reminder to those with 1st place books.  Your updated books are due back to our office by 4 pm on Wed., July 11th.   

JUDGES NEEDED!!  for District 8 4-H Recordbook Judging on Thur., July 12th, in Georgetown.  Sign up with the Extension office to help!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

County 4-H Camp!!

Southeast District 8 County 4-H Camp is set for July 6-8, in Palestine.  Deadline for registration is Thur., May 31st, so be sure to submit your registration form, release form, medication form, money and Teen Leader application, if applicable.

For campers and adults, click here for a camp packet which includes the promo flyer, registration form, elease form and medication form.  Adults, please join us for camp - it's a lot of fun and we need more chaperones!!

For 4-H'ers in grades 9-12 who are interested in serving as a Teen Leader (serve as group leader or present a workshop), click here for a camp packet including the Teen Leader application form.  Also note that if you are planning to be a workshop leader, you will need to participate in the Teen Leader Training on Mon., June 11th in Waco (transportation provided).

Monday, May 14, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018


District 8 4-H SURGE (formerly known as Leadership Lab) is set on June 24-27 at T Bar M Resort & Conference Center in New Braunfels.   SURGE is a leadership development program for 4-H teens. Cost is $275.  Register on 4-H Connect by Fri., May 25th.  Click here for more details and how to order the "Nacho Average Leaders" t-shirts (SURGE participants get one).  You can also find info here about running for a D8 4-H Council office - deadline is May 25th. 

Texas 4-H Dog Show

Yes, Texas 4-H has its own Dog Show!!  This year's event is set for July 13-15, in Belton.  There is a validation process you must have completed in Jan. in order to show a dog, but there are some additional opportunities you can still participate in: Photography Contest and the Foster/Family Dog Program.  Click here for more info. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

D8 4-H Photo Results

Congratulations to all of our participants in the D8 4-H Photo Contest!  Their photos were displayed
during D8 4-H Roundup on May 5th.
  • Jaidynn Childress - 2 Blue Awards
  • Madilynn Cox - 2 Blue Awards
  • Grace Hulzing - 3 Blue Awards and 1 Reserve Champion (Food)
  • Mia King - 6 Blue Awards, 2 Champions (Dominant Color and People) and 1 Reserve Champion (Enhanced)
  • Levi Scoma - 2 Blue Awards and 1 Champion (Motion)
  • James Bodine - 3 Blue Awards and 1 Reserve Champion (Details & Macro)
  • Caraline Dudley - 2 Blue Awards
  • Adriana de la Garza - 1 Blue Award and 1 Champion (Enhanced)
  • Lanie Goolsby - 3 Blue Awards and 2 Champions (Landscape and Travel)
  • Hadley Klock - 2 Blue Awards
  • Emily Page - 2 Blue Awards
  • Reagan Van Dresar - 1 Blue Award
  • Emily Banda - 5 Blue Awards
  • Hayley de la Garza - 1 Red Award
  • Megan Green - 1 Blue Award and 3 Red Awards
To view all results and photos, click here.  Unlike most of our D8 contests, winners from the Sr Photo Contest do not advance to state.  Photos by Emily, Hayley and Megan qualified at the county contest, so we wish them the best in the state contest.

D8 4-H Roundup Results

Leon County was well represented at D8 4-H Roundup on May 5th in Riesel!  Congrats to:
  • James Bodine & Caraline Dudley were 2nd place in Health
  • Quannah Dudley placed 2nd in Public Speaking
  • Nathan Barrett was 1st in Public Speaking and is advancing to state
  • James Bodine placed 4th in Share the Fun Poetry/Prose 
  • John Landry placed 1st in Share the Fun Vocal
  • Anthony Banda was 2nd in Share the Fun Vocal and is advancing to state
  • Samantha Bowers placed 2nd in Share the Fun Solo/Band and qualified for state
  • Skylar Parrish participated in Safety
  • Quentin Parrish presented in Open ANR
Special thanks to Mrs. Dudley, Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Landry for serving as judging! Great job everyone! Best wishes to Nathan, Anthony and Samantha as they head to Texas 4-H Roundup!  To view all results, click here.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

D8 4-H Rifle Match Results

Congratulations to our 4-H'ers who took part in the District 8 4-H Rifle Match on April 28th in Oakwood:
Light Rifle: (individual high point placing)
- Jr team of Clayton Cromeens (35th), Brody Duncan (4th), Colt Reeder (14th) and Eric Sapien (24th) placed 3rd 
- Jr team of Ace Harter (21st), Caddel Keeling (33rd), Aiden Robinson (16th) and Parker Thomas (7th) placed 4th
- Jr team of Levi Middleton (22nd), Gaven Stennett (25th), Toni Stennett (23rd) and Trenton Weiler (30th) placed 6th
- Jr team of Rhett Boyd (20th), Hunter Fulmer (36th), Fisher Fulmer (28th) and John Landry (27th) placed 7th
- Jr team of Tate Henson (39th), Briar Kent (26th), Brylee Ryder (29th) and Ruby Smith (37th) placed 9th
- Int: Lane Vann (14th)
- Sr team of Colton Adams (4th), Kassidy Bell (15th) and James Rodell (6th) placed 1st
- Sr team of Melanie Barnett (12th), Austin Breest (8th) and Shayne Pringle (13th) placed 2nd
Precision Rifle: (individual high point placing)
- Int team of Sydney Boyle (6th), Graci Kelley (18th), Evelynn Landry (24th) and Conner Noey (20th) placed 4th
- Int team of John Cocking (19th), Billy Duncan (16th) and Lane Vann (13th) placed 5th
- Int: Tanner Henson (25th)
- Sr team of Colton Adams (5th), Kassidy Bell (6th), James Rodell (3rd) and Justin Vann (9th) placed 1st and is advancing to the state contest!!
- Sr team of Melanie Barnett (17th), Austin Breest (13th) and Shayne Pringle (19th) placed 4th
A huge thanks to Mr. Adams and all of the volunteers and parents who helped make this event possible!!  Best wishes to the Sr team headed to state!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

State 4-H Archery Match Results

Image result for awardsCongratulations to our 4-H'ers who competed in the Texas 4-H Archery contest over the last few months:
  • Ryan Sprinkle - 3rd place in 1st year Compound Aided
  • Karson Bearden - 7th place in Jr Compound Aided
  • Brendon Bellah - 28th in Jr Compound Aided
Special thanks to our Archery Project coaches!!

District 4-H Fashion Show Report

Congratulations to our 4-H'ers who participated in the District 8 4-H Clothing Contests in Belton on April 17th:

★Jaidynn Childress, Normangee 4-H - 3rd place in Jr Fashion Show Buying - Everyday Living
★Natalie Uptmor, Buffalo 4-H - 1st place Sr Fashion Show Buying - Semi-Formal to Formal; advancing to the state contest!!
★Mia King, Normangee 4-H - 4th in Jr Fashion Storyboard - Wearable
★Grace Hulzing, Normangee 4-H - 4th place in Jr Fashion Storyboard - Pet Clothing
★Brackyn Frederick, Normangee 4-H - 4th in Jr Fashion Storyboard - Non-Wearable
★Robyn McKinney, Normangee 4-H  - Int Fashion Storyboard - Wearable
★Rylee Morton, Normangee 4-H - 1st in Jr Fashion Storyboard - Jewelry
★James Bodine, Centerville 4-H - 3rd in Int Fashion Storyboard - Wearable
★Rylie McKinney, Normangee 4-H - 3rd in Int Fashion Storyboard - Non-Wearable

Special thanks to Mrs. Uptmor for serving as a judge during the event!!

Great Opportunities

Here are some great opportunities...

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 Leon County Livestock Show Senior Salute

Each year, the Leon County Livestock Show pays special tribute to the graduating seniors from the Leon County 4-H and FFA programs.  See this year's Senior Salute video by clicking here.

Friday, April 6, 2018

4-H Memorabilia

Cool story about 4-H in the March issue of County Living magazine.  Click here to view.  If you ever come across 4-H memorabilia and want it to go somewhere, drop it off at our office.  We display a great 4-H collection in our foyer.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Youth Ag Tour

The Youth Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (YALL) Tour is set for July 15-20.  Participants will tour South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley area, and have the opportunity to witness agriculture production and issues related to agriculture production including everything from immigration to hurricanes to fever ticks.  Open to 4-H'ers in grades 10-12, and limited to the first 30 participants.  Application deadline is June 18thClick here for more info and an application.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Host Youth or Chaperones from Japan

Texas 4-H will sponsor 20 youth and 2 adult chaperones from Japan this summer as part of the States 4-H International Exchange Program.  Would you be interested in serving as a host family for one of them?  If so, find out more and/or apply by clicking here.  Once the application is completed, families will be contacted by the State 4-H office to arrange an In-Home Visit and Orientation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

4-H Spring FCS Contest Report

Congratulations to all of our 4-H'ers who participated in the County 4-H Spring Contest!  Now we wish the following well as they advance to the district and state contests.

Clothing Contests (district contest is April 17th in Belton):
★Jaidynn Childress, Normangee 4-H - Jr Fashion Show Buying - Everyday Living
★Natalie Uptmor, Buffalo 4-H - Sr Fashion Show Buying - Semi-Formal to Formal
★Mia King, Normangee 4-H - Jr Fashion Storyboard - Wearable
★Grace Hulzing, Normangee 4-H - Jr Fashion Storyboard - Pet Clothing
★Brackyn Frederick, Normangee 4-H - Jr Fashion Storyboard - Non-Wearable
★Robyn McKinney, Normangee 4-H  - Int Fashion Storyboard - Wearable
★Rylee Morton, Normangee 4-H - Jr Fashion Storyboard - Jewelry
★James Bodine, Centerville 4-H - Int Fashion Storyboard - Wearable
★Rylie McKinney, Normangee 4-H - Int Fashion Storyboard - Non-Wearable

Public Speaking/Performance Arts Contests (district contest is May 5th in Riesel):
★    John Landry, Normangee 4-H - Jr Share the Fun - Vocal - “National Anthem”
★    Quannah Dudley, Centerville 4-H - Jr Public Speaking - “Does Social Media Make People Better Informed”
★    James Bodine, Centerville 4-H - Int Share the Fun - Poetry/Prose - “Casey’s Revenge”
★    James Bodine & Caraline Dudley, Centerville 4-H - Int Health Educational Presentation - “The Digestive System”
★    Anthony Banda, Normangee 4-H - Sr Share the Fun Vocal - “My Way”
★    Skylar Parrish - Sr Safety & Injury Prevention Educational Presentation - “Life Jackets”
★    Quentin Parrish - Sr Open General Educational Presentation - “Fishing Basics”
★    Nathan Barrett - Sr Public Speaking - “Agriculture Impacts Even You”
★    Samantha Bowers, Normangee 4-H - Sr Share the Fun Solo/Band - “Going Home”

Photo Contest:
We had 165 photos submitted by 22 4-H'ers!  Click here to see all the photos and what awards everyone received.  We have 40 photos advancing to the district contest, which will be conducted in April.  We also have 10 photos headed to the state contest.
Special thanks to all of our 4-H adult volunteers and parents for helping these 4-H'ers!!  Also, a big thanks goes out to our photo contest judges!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador

The Texas 4-H program is once again accepting applications for the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program.  This program provides an in-depth look at the importance of Texas agriculture and equips participants with the knowledge and skills to become advocates for Texas agriculture.  There are 2 courses to choose from:  Texas A&M University, July 16-19 or Texas Tech University/West Texas A&M University, July 23-26.  The cost is $250.  More information about the Livestock Ambassador Program can be found by clicking here.

The deadline to apply is June 1st. Applicants must be a senior age (14-18) 4-H member that has exhibited a superior level of ambition regarding his/her livestock projects.  They must have a profound interest in animal science, animal production and advocacy.  They must have shown advanced leadership qualities and a willingness to help others.  They must also be in the top 25% in their class rank.  To apply to be a Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador, click here!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

4-H Club Manager Training Series

Laura Huebinger, our District 8 4-H Specialist, is conducting this series for 4-H Club Managers, potential Club Managers, Project Leaders, etc.  This series is online during the lunch hour, and will give volunteers a chance to can ask questions, get questions answered, share ideas, and hopefully learn something new!  Trainings are set for: Feb. 20th, March 20th, April 24th, May 15th and July 31st, 12:00-1:00 pm.  Click here to find out more and access the trainings.  Each training will be recorded so you can go back and watch them at your convenience.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

For at least 2 years, we have been compiling and sending the weekly 4-H Monday Memo to help keep you informed about 4-H activities.  The MM is sent to all e-mail addresses associated with active profiles on 4-H Connect.  Since some folks are not getting the weekly messages, we are now also uploading each MM to our website.  At any time, you can click here to access recent MM's.  Just another way we are trying to keep everyone up to date.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.  Thanks!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Travel Opportunities

Texas 4-H offers some fantastic travel opportunities, so listen up...

GLOBE (Global Leadership Opportunities Beyond Education) - June 26-28, 2018; program that provides a Global Village simulation with Heifer International

International Exchange Programs - July 20-August 18, 2018 (tentative); host youth or chaperones from Japan for 4-week summer immersion homestay

Outbound Exchange Program - 4-week summer homestay in 2019 to Japan, Costa Rica and Norway

International Study Trip - July 5-14, 2019; for 4-H'ers age 14-19, group travel to Athens, Florence and Rome

Click here for more details.